If you’ve recently become pregnant and require professional care in the months ahead, we are ready to assist. As one of the best pregnancy clinics in Atlanta, Promised Land Women’s Center offers a number of services that will keep you in good health as you progress through your pregnancy. Our medical experts can set up an appointment for you right away.

When you need to visit an Ob-Gyn in Atlanta, you’ll be pleased that our health experts are skilled in a number of different areas. Our gynecologists are adept at performing annual exams and assisting with nutrition. A healthy self-image is crucial to a successful pregnancy.

We ensure that your prenatal care and management program is top-notch. You’ll be scheduled for regular ultrasounds, and our doctors will monitor the growth of your baby through the nine-month period. We can also help you develop a viable birth plan.

Obstetricians can also watch for certain conditions that are associated with high-risk pregnancies. Hypertension and gestational diabetes, if they occur, will need to be monitored closely to ensure that complications do not arise. Our clinic is also skilled at dealing with thyroid disorders and blood abnormalities. If you are blessed with twins or even triplets, our physicians will provide you with the care you need for a safe birth.

If this is to be your first child, we’ll also be able to provide you with a postpartum care checklist so that you are aware of what you might experience afterwards. Postpartum care is just as important as prenatal care when it comes to staying physically and psychologically healthy. Consult with your attending doctor if you notice symptoms of depression or anxiety.

Are you looking for a quality Ob-Gyn in 30308? Promised Land Women’s Center has the most trusted care in Atlanta! Call 404-230-5622 right away to schedule a visit!

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